- Train - Track - Compete -

At HoopTech, we offer three types of elite basketball programs for you to benefit from. As a facility that’s wholly-dedicated to the sport of basketball, we include programs that provide a group learning and training atmosphere, individual basketball training, and even corporate events! Let’s take a look. We offer:

  • Basketball Leagues, Classes And Training Clinics
  • Personal Basketball Training
  • Corporate Events


Players need cutting-edge skill development, game style action and learning the reads used in real games to get more touches. Join our monthly development classes with other players ready to get better today. All HoopTech and Shoot 360 CLE Members have free access to our classes to get competitive reps and instruction from our trainer in a group environment.


Work 1-on-1 or in a small group setting with a personal trainer to improve your technique, decision-making, and basketball IQ. A Personal Training Package gives you access to one of our Certified Trainers who will build a custom plan for you, help you stay accountable, and get you the results you deserve.


Little Hoopers:

Shooting Sessions:

Per Session

  • 30 Minute per session
  • Shoot 360 Shot Tracker
  • Shooting Games

6 Sessions

  • 30 Minutes Per Session
  • Shoot 360 Shot Tracker
  • Shooting Games

12 Sessions

  • 30 Minutes Per Session
  • Shoot 360 Shot Tracker
  • Shooting Games