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The HoopTech Facility — Ohio’s Best Basketball Facility



At HoopTech, we’ve created the best-of-the-best when it comes to basketball facilities in Ohio, and arguably the surrounding states. Recently constructed according to custom designs tailored to create a basketball haven, our facility is equipped to service basketball training camps, team meetings, games and tournaments, and so much more.

Some wonder how we do it, but the answer is simple. We’ve combined experts in the sport with cutting edge sports science and technology, creating a space where you’re able to tangibly practice basketball skills while tracking and assessing performance. Thus, athletes are trained to be seasoned, unmatched coaches using the best sports performance equipment available.

Keep reading to learn about our facility’s features.

Shoot 360 CLE


HoopTech's partnership with Shoot 360 allows our athletes to train, track and compete like never before. 5 shooting cages have the technology to expertly train your shot from anywhere on the court and 5 Skill cages to improve your ball handling, court vision, accuracy, speed and timing. Our coaches will analyze and correct your game, while our state-of-the-art technology will help you track the progress of every shot, test your skills, and challenge you to improve your game more than you ever thought was possible

Parent Lounge


Parents can enjoy a space of their own while their athlete's train. Equipped with couches, TVs, and wifi, parents can wait in comfort. This space is also used for private events.

Player Lounge


HoopTech is about more than basketball so members get to enjoy a space of their own with couches, homework stations, gaming center and even an in house Barber via of Hoop Cuts

Regulation Courts And Other Practice Facilities


While we’re extremely proud of and excited about the individual skill spaces we have at our facility, we are also ecstatic to share our regulation basketball courts, half courts, and more. After all, while training individual skills in an isolated environment is important and fruitful, training skills in a collective atmosphere with other athletes who you’re working with and competing against is essential for the formation of well-rounded athletes.

That’s why we offer a plethora of basketball courts perfect for any and all related uses. From our skill classes and team clinics to our personal training sessions, to games, tournaments, and scrimmages, we offer brand-new, well maintained, high-quality, and officially-marked courts. Our courts are marked with high school, college, and professional 3 point lines.

Finally, in our courts and our skill training facilities, you’ll always have access to the best floor coaching available. Our expert coaches have experience playing at the college or professional level, or have experience coaching basketball for high school, college, or professional teams. This makes for an atmosphere of fierce competition, dedicated training, and well-equipped athletes.

Are you interested in utilizing our facility for personal training, skill camps, or team sessions? Contact us today to learn more and get started.


  7717 Victory Lane, North Ridgeville OH 44039