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.At HoopTech, our expert coaches develop your basketball skills through the rigorous training of fundamentals, strength and conditioning, film study, and basketball IQ. Train with us and elevate your game to the next level!


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Benefit to the parent:

As the parent of an athlete, you’ve surely seen enormous growth in your child. You have an understanding of their athletic potential and want to set them up for success on the basketball court. While community and school-based basketball programs are essential, outstanding, and wonderful things, the simple fact is that your athlete won’t get the one-on-one coaching that they need to address their weak points and strengthen their overall basketball skills.

This has nothing to do with the coaches or basketball programs, but rather with the bandwidth of the coaching staff. With community and school basketball leagues, you often have parents, basketball-lovers, and other working adults who chisel out some of their valuable time to enrich the sporting experience of their community’s youth (we can’t thank or praise them enough!).

With a membership at HoopTech, your child’s basketball experience will be supplemented by invaluable fundamental and athletic training. This training will equip your child with the fundamentals, endurance, and understanding of the game they need to serve as a leader on their future basketball team.

Each and every time one of our HoopTech alumni get into a basketball program — be it a community league, middle or high school team, an AAU team, or beyond — we celebrate like they’ve joined the NBA! Every day, we strive to help our athletes succeed both on and off the court. Our love for the game is infused into our state-of-the-art facility that’s been custom-built as an elite basketball training facility that we can’t wait to share with you.

If you’re interested in signing up for a HoopTech membership, please contact us today! We’ll be happy to further explain the features of our different memberships, discuss pricing options, and answer any and all of your questions!


You’ve surely heard this from your coaches a million times, but it’s the truth — fundamentals are everything. It’s not about simply being able to dribble the ball confidently, it’s about knowing where the ball will go each and every time you bounce it.

It’s not just about finding your sweet spot for sinking threes on the court, it’s understanding how to produce the proper arc and combining that with the perfect amount of power to sink a shot no matter where you are on the court. And it’s not about finding a flashy pass for your highlight tapes, it’s about perfecting your passes’ speed and accuracy so your teammates can rely on you to dish the rock effectively.

Obviously, we could go on. There are so many incredible, seemingly simple fundamentals that separate the competent players from the experts. Rock-solid fundamentals are what will propel you further up the basketball ladder towards your dreams. When fundamentals are second nature, you break down the limits of how you can play the game and synergize with your team.

At HoopTech, we provide individualized, rigorous, yet fruitful training of all the basketball skills you need to have to be a reliable, impressive, and most importantly, consistent player.